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EAH Industrial offers two epoxy primers specifically formulated for resurfacing, reglazing, or refinishing, bathtub, tile, counter tops, hot tubs, swimming pools, and concrete. Just about any hard surface.  Both are Modified Polyamide resins with equal adhesion properties. Below are the main attributes to consider when making your choice.

The SharkGrip Quick Dry is basically a sprayable adhesive rated for immersion service and formulated for encapsulation and protection only. No consideration for aesthetics have been added to this reson. 0No Titanium Dioxide has been added during the manufacturing process therefore less expensive. If youre you are requiring a primer for adhesion, encapsulation and protection purposes only this is a great choice.

The High Solids Epoxy Primer is virtually identical in performance only with aesthetics engineered into the resin. A massive load of ....