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Industrial Paint Primers Topcoats are essential products used in the protection and enhancement of surfaces in industrial settings. These coatings are designed to provide durable and long-lasting protection against corrosion, chemicals, and harsh environmental conditions. They serve as a foundation for the application of Heavyduty industrial coatings, ensuring a smooth and even finish. Primers help improve adhesion, while topcoats add color, gloss, and additional protection. Whether used on metal, wood, concrete, or other substrates, Industrial Paint Primers Topcoats are crucial for maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of industrial equipment, machinery, structures, and surfaces. Choose high-quality products for optimal performance and longevity.
  • Zero Rust

    Zero Rust

    Continued refinement of the ZeroRust formula has netted ASTM-B117 salt spray testing results exceeding 2000 hours at 3.5 mils dry film thickness (d.f.t.). This equates to 600 hours per dry mil, which was previously unheard of in an air-dry system. The...